Wearable Exosuit, Just for you 

Wherever you work
Perfected for you
Available for all
Today, not tomorrow


Without a battery or motor
Lightweight / Easy to maintain / No range limit

With ergonomic design features
Easy-to-use / Easily packable / Portable with an ergonomic backpack

Field tested in real situations with real people
Safe / Effective

Co-Development with the client / Customization at the workplace

Effective and efficient on-site design process
Including behavior analysis, customized prototyping, field testing, data analysis, field application

Motion & Power
Output Sensor

Data Collection &
AI-based Data Analysis

Mobile App &
Dashboard for Monitoring


The reason why I launched FRT, originally a spin-out of a national research institute, was my wish to create a robot that would benefit the people around me, and not just a technology confined to the lab.

For this reason, all of us on the FRT team are super focused on making things – our materials, technologies, processes, and applications…everything – lighter, cheaper, and faster. In short, creating tomorrow’s technology today and allowing advanced robots to be available for all.

With FRT’s exosuits, more people will be able to work more safely and effectively, and to achieve their goals while transcending whatever limitations they may have. This is our philosophy.

Dr. Jae Ho Jang
wearable robot industry pioneer

WE WILL BE AT CES 2020, JAN 7-10

To learn more, please visit us in the "Resilience" area
at Westgate Booth #401

Hope to see you there!

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Field Robot Technology Co., Ltd. (FRT) is a pioneer in exosuit robots. Having achieved groundbreaking R&D success in this frontier area, With its main focus on multi-purpose wearable robots, FRT develops and markets human-oriented robotic solutions for a wide variety of applications. With its experience and technological expertise, FRT is recognized as a vital member of wearable robots today and tomorrow.

·Jaeho Jang PhD (CEO) : jaeho@frtechnology.com / +82-10-3895-2135

·Seonghoon Kim (COO) : sh.kim@frtechnology.com / +82-10-3761-0491